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keeping children busy on a rainy day

It has been too long since I have been able to post to this blog.


Help these rainy days……


Be silly and do some exercise with the children. They love jumping jacks and squats.  Remember…Head…Shoulders…knees and toes…they love this one too.


This is a great day for a puppet show and or letting shine with their singing talents.  Do the unexpected on these rainy days.  Build a fort or fun area to hide and read a story.

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Quiet time planned into your day

How important is quiet time planned into your day for your child?   Very important.  Each day we plan and plan to have a great day with our children only to have them crabby and not cooperate with what you have planned.  Pay attention to how their day goes at the day care.  Day care providers always plan in DOWN time for the children.  It also gives us a chance to revive our selves too.  Many day care providers begin way before our homes open planning and preparing for our day.  We need to rest too.

On the weekend and days off try to keep to a schedule of sorts. I understand you may only have a weekend or a day to spend with your child.  It will  be a fun day if you keep to some sort of schedule.  Plan for down time even if it is a time to sit quietly in the park or lay on the blanket and watch clouds go by.  Their little bodies and minds need time to just rest.  If while your little one is resting or even taking a few hour nap REST yourself.   You deserve down time too.  Everything will get done in time but for you to feel rested and ready to enjoy the rest of your day with your child is SO IMPORTANT!

Before you know it they will be grown and you will treasure those memories of fun weekends spent together.  It takes planning but is well worth the effort.  Get out side and enjoy your child.

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Food Program

In the state of Missouri there is a Food Program where you get reimbursed for feeding your children healthy meals.

The name is Child and Adult Food Program.   You do not have to be a licensed child care provider to be in this program.

It is such a bonus on top of what you are already getting paid.  It does take some paperwork and some visits by CDCA but is is SO worth it.

Please take the time to learn about this program.

For parents this is just another way to make sure your children are eating healthy meals in their day care each and every day.

Please encourage your child care provider to get involved in this program.

There are great ideas, tips and recipes for you to try.

Your children will love the veggies and fruits hidden within their normal meals.

I encourage the children to try everything…even just a small bite and try.

Have you ever had cantaloupe and it was just bad…well then you have it and it taste like candy….if you did not try it again and again you may have never liked it.

It is same with the children one day they love something and the next day they dislike it.  We do the same thing, keep this in mind.

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Children Playing At Daycare

How important is it for your child to “PLAY” in their child care home?


When do our children learn the most important things in life….in the early years.

How will they learn to PLAY????  Through PLAY!!

When do I step in and when do I let them work it out??  It is always a question in our minds.  Let children work issues out with other children. Encourage, watch be ready to step in when needed but ‘LET THE CHILDREN” work out their issues.

They are learning some very important “life skills”.

How to get along in life begins early…let the children be children PLEASE!

If someone always steps in and negotiates for their child the child will expect this throughout life.  He/She needs to begin at an early age how to get along with others.
Can children learn through Play?


Is it fun to work on the computer?

Yes if you have some fun learning programs for the children to do.

Can math and language games be fun? YES

We all need to think of ways to make learning fun.  We have teaching moments all through the day…USE THEM.

I am personally not a fan of sitting at the table writhing ABC’s.

Coloring is fun, writing with pencils and painting is fun.

A real sense of what they have accomplished will shine through.

They will be SO proud of themselves. Encourage Play.

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Payment For Child Care

How and why should I worry about paying my child care provider?

Keep in mind you are letting someone care for the most important thing in your life, YOUR CHILD.

I require payment on Monday morning when the child/children are dropped off.  It is SO important for me to feel good and feel like I have been paid for a job I am going to do.

It is an issue if you are NOT current with payment for your child care provider.  If you have not paid your child provider how do you expect them to feed and keep their home going.  Everyone has bills and bills need to be paid.  Your bills are as important and your day care providers bills.

I require a lot from my parents.  We are a team working for the best for our children. I say OUR children because some days I have them more than their parents.

This may seem harsh but if my parents do not have payment on Monday morning I do not keep the children.  Everyone expects to get paid for a job they do.

How would you feel if your boss said on your pay day….well I will pay you next week…things are tight this week??  How would you respond?

Not well  am sure…how will you pay your bills??

SEE it is an issue if anyone DOES NOT get paid on time.  So DO NOT make it uncomfortable for you or your child care provider.

Make this most important decision each and every week.  Do the right thing.  Pay your child care provider first.

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Health Way To Start Your Childs Day

Keeping the children happy and healthy.

Start with hand washing and a healthy breakfast to begin your and their day.

Always have fruit and make it appealing to the children. A happy face on a pancake out of fruit looks good and taste yummy….at least they may try it.

Sometimes I will freeze the fruit and give it to them. Grapes and banana work well. I always cut them up into very small pieces before freezing.\

Next try to encourage them to try yogurt. Plain with some granola or flavored with berries. It is a taste they really seem to like. Next I will freeze the yogurt and give them yogurt pops for snack later in the day. They love these.

Next we spend at least some times outdoors each day. Rain or shine we go out if even for a few minutes.

How much fun is it playing in the rain…LOTS!!!

They need this time outdoors to acclimate their bodies to our world. A little bit each day is so much better for them than just stepping out in spring and BOOM they are sick with allergies. It is all about finding a balance for them and you.

Hand washing is the next thing I cannot stress enough. My children at the day care LOVE to wash their hands and sing their ABC’s. We do this and make it fun for them.

I never get any of them complaining about hand washing. You may want to adopt this policy at home and for yourself….maybe a different song though…ha ha ha.




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Maybe The Most Important Part Of Your Child’s Day

Dropping off your child at Day Care can make or break YOUR DAY and your child’s.

Keep it very simple and quick.

The longer you hang around the harder it is for your child to make the transition and begin their day.

In my home the parents and children enter, remove jackets and hang up, remove their shoes, a hug and kiss and they are on their way.

If you have something to discuss make it quick or call later in the day to discuss any issues you may have. It is hard to talk about your child when they are standing their listening. The longer you linger the harder it will be for your child to transition into his day.

The time to linger is “PICK UP TIME” when your child is excited to share their day with you.

Please leave your phone in the car or let it go to voice mail. Drop off time is just a few quick minutes and your child “NEEDS TO KNOW” they are the ‘MOST’ important thing at this time. Nothing else really matters during those few morning minutes.

I am sure it will make a difference in your day and your child’s, we all need to feel good after dropping off our child in the morning for day care. Starting your day with a smile on your child’s face is far better than your child in tears.

If you have gotten into bad habits in the morning it is never too late to change how you drop off your child. Begin today making this change with your child.

You will feel better going to work when your child’s day will begin with a great start.

Expect tears the first couple of times you begin this transition time but STICK TO IT!!!! In less than a week it will begin working and you will both be happy to begin your day.

Remember this benefits the other children and day care provider too….NO one wants TEARS to begin their day.

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Picking Up Your Child At Daycare Is Important

Pick up time at the Day Care is such an important part of your child day.

They are SO EXCITED to see you and show off their mom or dad. They have bragged about you today….waited to tell you something important…and have special things to tell you about.

How disappointed your child will be when you show up “on the phone”….”in a hurry”….or just not connected to them. PLEASE take this time to PLUG INTO how your child’s day has been. It is SO important in their life that you want to know how their day was.

Make them the most important person in the world at that time…it only takes a little effort on your part but will go a long way in your child’s SELF WORTH. I cannot stress this enough.

This is also a good time to discuss with your day care provider how your child is doing. Not only how their day went but in general how he or she is doing socially, how meal time is going and most important how they are feeling about themselves.

They will share with anyone who is listening…really listening….Be that person.

This will also be the time they will show off their friends to you.

Ask them to tell you about their friends it may be a simple one or two words but you will understand better how their day goes.

They need this constant support from you as their parents.

This way you can ask them about their friends by name and have an idea when they are talking about a child who this child is. This may be more difficult in a larger facility but in a day care home it should be very easy to get to know the children.

Keep in mind these children spend up to ten or more hours a day together so they form a brother-sister bond with each other. This includes “sibling ” rivalry even though your child may be the only child. Expect disagreement between children to happen….this is called….Life Skills. The best way for children to learn is though experience.

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Welcome To Sue’s Home Day Care!

Please visit the home page at SuesHomeDayCare.com for information about the daycare and for a video tour.

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Why choose a LICENSED home day care?

When shopping for child care providers why choose licensed?

It is because a licensed home provider has chosen to go the extra for you and your child. They have chosen to have their home inspected by the State of Missouri Bureau of Child Care services, Health inspectors and the Fire department. They will be educated and continues to add twelve hours a year of added education specifically in the field of Child care. A licensed day care provider will have inspections by the fire department and monthly fire drills with the children. Health inspections will occur yearly by the health department. Each provider is required to take a class for proper food handling “Safe Serve”. This is required by the state and is an additional full day class and certification.

As you can see it may be easy to decide to watch a few kids and babysit but if someone wants to devote themselves to becoming a Licensed Day Care provider their are a LOT of extra steps. These are just a few reason you may want to consider a LICENSED Day Care Provider for your child and peace of mind for yourself. Someone other than yourself is keeping an eye on the facility your child will spend a good part of the day at. Please keep in mind when visiting any child care facility, YOUR gut feeling as a “mom or “dad” by far should be a final decision for you. You have to be comfortable dropping your child off each and every day. Child care is part of your everyday decisions make it the right decision for you and your child.

Sue Haskins
Licensed Home daycare provider for over 20 years

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